Project Overview

New York Offshore Planning Area (OPA) showing grid survey protocol. The blue area represents the Wind Energy Area (WEA). The WEA (blue) and the 4-km buffer (grey) showing combination of transects (lines) and grid (dots) image capture.

Project Purpose

In preparation for offshore wind energy development, the New York State Energy and Research Development Authority (NYSERDA) has initiated the largest offshore high resolution aerial survey of marine and bird life in U.S. history. Normandeau Associates, Inc. and APEM Ltd (Normandeau-APEM team) will gather 3 years of baseline surveys to assess the entire New York Offshore Planning Area (OPA) with particular emphasis on the Wind Energy Area (WEA).

The surveys use ultra-high resolution aerial digital imagery to assess use by birds, marine mammals, turtles, and fish. This proactive study of potential impacts will facilitate a more efficient track to energy production offshore New York by providing the necessary information to meet the U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management's (BOEM's) regulatory requirements for environmental review of WEAs.

How ReMOTe for NYSERDA Works

The data collected in the surveys of the OPA and WEA are uploaded to ReMOTe after each survey.

Normandeau and APEM analysts and taxa-specific experts log in to ReMOTe to access the data, identify species, and interpret results. As data review progresses, survey results are available on ReMOTe in real time.

NYSERDA Project Advisory Committee (PAC) members and other interested parties can log in to ReMOTe to access the data.

Example Images Collected During the August 2016 Survey